Sunday, May 17, 2009

Becoming all poetic all of a sudden I decided to pen some things in my head:

"Life suddenly came to a stagnant point. It was then I realized that the waves of chaos were needed for me to feel alive"

(meaning) To have A little chaos in one's life is good to know that you're living life.

"Someone once told me that if life gave you lemons, made lemonade out of it. But then again, what if life gives you rotten lemons? I say throw them away."

(meaning) if life throws at you the shitty things, make the best out of it. But if life really gives you the worst things, dont just take it all. Heck those and find a new path

I once told my sister this:
" For in time, God will reveal to you his plans and you will be manifested with the gifts he has bestowed upon you"

(meaning) (for the Godly people)..

Sometimes when you feel why is God not letting me have this or that. It is not true. Because there is a time and place for everything and Slowly, When the time is right. Your true potential will be shown through and it will all fall in place nicely.

"Inspiration comes from Within"

(meaning) for those who always wait for someone to Inspire them. I personally believe that Inspiration comes from inside yourself. You just have to believe in yourself and Motivate your inner being.

"Play by the rules and you make the teacher happy.
Break the rules and you make everyone else happy"

( okay hahaa, im being lame on this last one)

okay, ending it all off, I read this cute little intelligent joke

The lady had coffee with Winston Churchill one day and she said :"If I were to marry you, I would put poison in your coffee" Winston Churchill replied her saying:
"oh, If I were to marry you, I would drink that coffee."


Hope you got it.


Good night.

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