Sunday, June 07, 2009

We all have different priorities in life.
And sometimes we may point them to the right direction while other times we don't.

Have you ever stopped to look at what your priorities are at this point in your life?
Well, Mine is a simple one to say that my priorities are my Poly friends and my family.
Work is secondary to me.

Just a few days ago, and then again a week ago.
I decided to feel enthu and plan something.
Somehow it turned out that not much people are keen on it.
I got really excited because we could have met up and relive the year one bbq that i didnt go.
Just a simple get together, this are the last few moments to really dig the roots down for futher friendship i future i believe.

Somehow, everyone believe that other things are more important.
But wait......

When it comes to asking for something, then, would you be running back to us?
Would your priority then be us? In that case, we;re your top priority because you needed someone to help..You?
But as I type this,then again, I think not.
Unless there isnt a choice, then you would, right?

Okay, feelings aside. Someone in church asked me for help one day and I didnt really want to because I feel better being other places. *dont get me wrong, I love my religion and all, but not in the groups* Okay then i told him I place other things as priority to this. He told me that it's rather about time mangament and all.
Thats true to a certain extent but my purpose in this point in my life isnt about that group thing.
So, now im half helping out and half not. Kinda sucky.

Im ranting without thinking again. But pardon my sudden burst of emotions and randomness

I just feel that and think, Why do people prioritise money and other things than friends and family first?

I put my Family and Friends first. that's 2! you say, not fair!
Well then it'll be
1. Family
2. Friends

Someone once told me.
Friends come and go but your family stays by your side forever.

If ever one day I ask you to go for a gathering, Dont fucking say no okay?
Pardon the language it's just to state the point that I do treasure you guys alot
And planning takes more than just phone calls and smses.

It's easy to put the blame to others and say "Not everyone can make it .."
But what about you? Can you make it? If you cant, dont drag the others down

Oh! Drag down...Feel like watching drag me to hell. haha..

Okay, Nites guys. Just a thought. Long entry

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